MODEL for a day / BOudoir / makeover

A "model for a day" photo-shoot is a great experience that can also make a perfect gift for your future husband, as well as a wonderful lasting memory. People choose "makeover" photography for many reasons; anniversaries, bachelor parties, birthdays, Valentine's Day or even as a self-confidence booster.

The pictures are sensual, but in a delicate, elegant and tasteful way, created with an artistic perspective.

We consider photography as an art to highlight your most beautiful features. We offer professional makeup and hair styling and can suggest a variety of outfits. We guide you through the whole process from poses to the final images.

The final images will highlight your natural beauty, display your personality and capture your character from your most flattering angles. The style of the pictures is up to you. It can be a classic boudoir, glamour, vintage, photography, erotic or a mix of them all. The choice of the final product varies from simple digital files, albums and final prints.

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